Los Angeles based director and producer.  For 10 years now I have directed and produced; original content, commercials, promos, product demos, live events, same-day in the field coverage and more for broadcast, online and mobile platforms.
I started out in experiential marketing then transitioned into creating digital content for network TV.  I moved into producing and directing commercials, promos, product videos and more for brands such as DC Entertainment, Disney, Hasbro, Sesame Street and Ergobaby.  I then started producing live recognition/award shows in 2013.
Humor is my specialty. Casting/directing great actors to play unique characters in smart, clever spots is what I find most rewarding.  I also have a good knack for directing & producing kid and baby content – directed & produced content for Sesame Street and Hasbro.
I specialize in conceptualization, development, casting, project management, production management, post management and directing.


[e] bryanlukasik@gmail.com